Compiled by Nicole Rodman
Wednesday, 30 July 2014 11:06
•   40 years ago (from  of Aug. 1, 1974):
    State Sen. Norman Stone awarded scholarships to 78 high school graduates and college students living in the 6th District, which — at the time — included Sparrows Point, Edgemere, North Point, Eastpoint, Middle River, Rosedale, Overlea and part of Parkville.
    Durwood Road resident Teddy Koenig, 5, organized a charity carnival at his home on July 27. Koenig’s carnival raised $227.70 for muscular dystrophy research.
    The North Point Village girls fast-pitch softball team won the Baltimore County tournament, beating Catonsville 15-14.
    Unknown suspects broke into Grange Elementary School, ransacking rooms and stealing a sofa, coffee table, two benches and a wooden chair. The furniture was valued at $210. Police had made no arrests as of press time.
•   30 years ago (from  of July 26, 1984):
    Approximately 80 Dundalk residents turned out to hear a team from the architectural firm of Cho, Wilks & Burns present their plans for the revitalization of the commercial area of Old Dundalk. Elements of the plan included the addition of trees, flower beds, special lighting and new signs in the Dundalk Village Shopping Center.
    Remorseful thieves left a note for their victim, along with several pieces of stolen outdoor furniture, on the lawn of a home on Eder Road. The anonymous note included instructions that the furniture be returned to its owner on St. Fabian Lane. In a second note, the thieves apologized for taking the furniture, noting that they were drunk at the time of the theft.
    The latest addition to the Dundalk Community College (now CCBC Dundalk) campus, the 36,000-square-foot Career Building, was set to formally open its doors at the start of the fall semester on Sept. 4. The building housed the college’s computer, electronics, floristry, industrial maintenance and photography programs.
    The Dodgers 13-14 boys baseball team defeated the A’s to win the Dundalk Little Loop Championship.
•   20 years ago (from  of July 28, 1994):
    Holabird Middle School received much-needed roof repairs after Baltimore County allocated $1.8 million for work at the school. Work done over summer also included the removal of asbestos from the school. Holabird officials moved into the Norwood Elementary School building temporarily while work was being completed.
    Four purse-snatching incidents within a week were thought to be the work of one man — described by police as a 30-year-old white male. The suspect allegedly attacked victims at Merritt Manor Shopping Center, the (now-closed) Church Home Hospital, Eastpoint Mall and on 54th Street. He remained at large as of press time.
    Local pediatrician Dr. J. Crossan O’Donovan was named president of the Maryland Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. (Dr. O’Donovan continues to practice today at Dundalk Pediatrics on Dundalk Avenue.)
    The Burruss family of St. Fabian Lane was one of the winners of the second annual Beautiful Yards contest, sponsored by the North Point Village Recreation Council.
•   10 years ago (from  of July 29, 2004):

    Turner Station resident Dunbar Brooks was elected vice president of the Maryland State Board of Education. He later went on to serve as the state board’s president.
    North Point Precinct 12 police worked with the FBI and other local police departments as a rash of bank robberies plagued the area. Four Dundalk banks had suffered robberies in recent months, including the Provident Bank (now M&T Bank) in the Dundalk Village Shopping Center, which had been hit three times.
    Clients of the ARC Baltimore’s Dundalk Center showcased their talents during the center’s first in-house art exhibition.
    A new traffic light went into operation at the intersection of Bethlehem Boulevard and Wharf Road. The traffic light was installed after a 2003 accident at the intersection killed Sparrows Point High School senior Adam Parr and seriously injured classmate Zachary Bradley.